Holistic Nutrition 

15-Minute Phone Consultation – FREE                                                                                           Not sure where to begin or have some questions?  I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have!

Initial Meeting & Assessment – 1 hour.                                                                                               In our initial assessment we will meet up to go over your health history and concerns, and determine your goals.  After our meeting I will begin tailoring a plan based on your own unique nutritional needs - always keeping your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and specific nutritional requirements in mind.  Your assessment will include personalized nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations as well as a 7-day meal plan.  All recommendations that follow our meeting will be tailored to you and only you, and I am always available by email if you have questions or concerns.  $150

Follow up assessment – 30 min.                                                                                                             In our follow up assessment we will meet up and discuss how you are feeling, your progress, what is working for you and where you are having difficulties – and adjust our plan where necessary. After our meeting I will email you with any new information.  I usually recommend budgeting for a follow-up assessment, and scheduling it for 2-3 weeks after our initial meeting. $50

Pregnancy Nutrition  - 1 hour.                                                                                                     It is never too early or too late to optimize your nutrition for the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy.   If you are trying to get pregnant, already carrying, or are postpartum lets work together to make sure you and baby are fully nourished and feeling great.  These are my favourite meal plans to create!  I will guide you through the often confusing, outlandish world of pregnancy nutrition and help you make informed choices.  This assessment will be tailored to your own unique nutritional requirements. $120 (Sliding scale available). 

Glowing Skin - 1 hour                                                                                                                     I designed this program in the months leading up to my wedding to make sure my skin was glowing despite any wedding planning stress!   This program combines my knowledge as an Esthetician and Holistic Nutritionist, as well as my passion for products that are pure yet effective.  Includes recommended products and supplements, a skin analysis, a personalized skin care routine, diet and lifestyle advice - all tailored to you as an individual.  $120

 5-Day Customized Meal Plan – $40

10-Day Customized Meal Plan – $60


Gentle, energetic recharging.  Great for people experiencing high stress levels, tension, insomnia, and emotional fatigue.  

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes.  Most people experience a very deep sense of relaxation and tension release and usually drift off to sleep.  You may experience a very comforting warmth, heat or tingling as the energy moves through you.  Others report a light or floating feeling or see dream images or colours.  You will remain fully clothed throughout the series of hand movements either on, or above the body.  Like most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated!  

Please wear comfortable clothing.  It is recommended that you eat a light snack  and avoid alcohol before your treatment.  It is also recommended that you not have any important meetings or appointments afterwards as you may be sleepy and relaxed.

1 hour $60