"This is a big adjustment in my life.  It ultimately means a lifestyle change that requires a lot of mental and emotional fortitude on my end to maintain. However, I feel a lot of that scare and shock was alleviated because you prepared me with such good and thorough information.  I honestly can say that this transition would be extremely difficult if it weren't for your plan.  So thank you and do know, you are very good at what you do and your work IS making a difference for me." - Nick

"I'm 29 weeks today and so far have only gained 20 pounds, it's all belly might I add! I'm even wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today with a belly band but still! haha and I've also had a ton of energy and kept up with yoga and walking everywhere. Although I've haven't followed your plan perfectly I've tried really hard to incorporate alot of the suggestions. Thanks so much I really appreciate you putting all that together it's been a great resource!" - Charlotte (Pregnancy Nutrition)

"Hey girl.  Just wanted to tell you my thyroid is back to normal!  Thanks so much Jocie. " - Kate (Pregnancy Nutrition)

"Your nutrition plan and your subsequent diagnosis was spot on.  Everything you recommended was things my doctor suggested to me.  when he was telling me what to eat, I felt so proud that I already had this information because of you." - Nick

"I cannot thank you enough for that assessment!!! So much great info in there. I love that meal plan and it's totally stuff I'm craving right now!" - Charlotte (Pregnancy Nutrition)